The Simplest Slider Version 1.1

I am a big fan of the easySlider but one day i needed a solution that was custom made and extremely lightweight. So i decided to write this script for a very simple Slider which lets you flip images or text from left to right to left. Not more, not less. The result is a very simple Slider to use with jQuery - easy to maintain, extend and style. This plugin

  • simply takes over the width of the parent container to fit into your layout,
  • comes with a no-JavaScript-fallback which is defined in the stylesheet
  • and works with text and images.
  • Buzz Aldrin on the moon

How to enable The Simplest Slider?

  • Insert the-simplest-slider.css and the-simplest-slider.js in the document head.
  • Place an unordered list inside the document body.
  • Simply enable the Slider by putting this script into your document ready function: $('#slider').simplestSlider({transitionSpeed: 300, sliderHeight:300});
  • If you use a different id or class make sure to match them in the stylesheet.


The Simplest Slider provides a few options. Simply put in values that suit your needs.

  • transitionSpeed: Your value in milliseconds,
  • sliderHeight: Your value in px


The Simplest Slider Version 1.1
The Simplest Slider Version 1

F(ea)(u)ture plan

There are a few things im looking forward to get done. First I want the Slider to display lists correctly. Then im going to implement a nummeric navigation as an alternative to the left, right buttons. These functions will come in Version 1.2. Stay up to date, comment, discuss or make suggestions at the jQuery forum